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Our strategic plan 2021-2023 focusses on growing our service options and our people.

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More People

We want to help more people by finding creative solutions. We want to reach more people and offer a greater range of services.

Great Staff

Our staff are our service. We will invest in developing our workforce and a supportive workforce culture that grows, nurtures and values people and rewards their excellence. We will invest in attracting and retaining great staff, seeking new ways to invest in learning opportunities, specialist training, supervision and support.

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Be The Best
& Be Better

We are committed to being a registered provider, investing in quality projects and systems that ensure safety, reliability and best practice. We will listen to our service users and staff and value their input. We will support a culture that calls out where we could do better, strives for excellence and genuinely commits to continuous improvement.

Be Known
For Great Service

We believe we offer a unique and special service that can make a difference in people's lives. We want to build our brand and reputation and delight our service users, their families and supporters.

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