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Complex Care

You may require specialised care because of a physical disability, or you may have complex needs due to a decline in physical health associated with ageing, degenerative conditions, injury or acquired disability.

Our skilled staff provide in-home support throughout the day and night to ensure that people have access to complex supports, and are able to get on with living their lives in their own home. 

Everyone is different and every family is different. We pride ourselves on valuing your strengths, acknowledging you are experts by experience and ensuring we tailor our supports to your needs. Examples of situations that might need a complex care plan include:

 Examples of situations that might need a complex care plan include:

All Nightlife staff are trained and experienced in using assistive equipment such as ceiling hoists, standing hoists, portable hoists, Sara steady’s, commodes etc.

Quality safeguards

Registered NDIS services delivering more complex supports and services are certified against the NDIS Practice Standards for high intensive supports. 

Our support workers are trained and work under the direction of a Registered Nurse for clinical support and receive training and supervision to support people who require complex and chronic medical conditions who require pressure and wound care management, complex bowel care, catheter, PEG or specialised feeding requirements.